Oliver Wagner

I am no musician. Neither can I play any notes in tune. Nor write them in a meaningful way. But I am more than able to gently turn some knobs and pull some cables with a glas of wine in my other hand. This combination of circumstances lead me to modular music. After working with different DAWS (Digital audio workstations) this felt like a relief. A complex one.

My first steps in this endeavor were taken with the beautiful VCV Rack virtualization of modular systems. The first real hardware after different versions of Native Instruments Maschine and Ableton Pushe were Moogs Mother-32 and DFAM. Both bought second hand from the former guitarist of Sisters of Mercy. From there on my rack began to grow slowly. But steadily. Right now I use 3 rows of 104hp and added the Winter Modular Eloquencer, WMD Chimera, Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Erica Synths Bassline .And finally some music came out of all this maschines surrounding me. This is the place to share these pieces…